Bultaco Limited Edition Extra 1964-1970 by R M Clarke (2006). A portfolio of 31 contemporary articles traces the progress of Bultaco production in the 60s. Included are road, trail and track tests, new model reports plus articles on Bultaco's history and racing.
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model # model # model # 1: common to all models. 82: matador sd 250. 144: pursang mkviii 125. 2: common to all models. 83: lobito mkv 125. 145: astro 250. 3: sherpa s 4sp. 84: labito mkv 175. 146: astro 360. 4: matador 200 4sp. 85: alpina 250. 147: lobito 74. 6: tss aircooled. 1972: 148: lobito 125. 7: mercurio 175 blue. 86: pursang mkv e 250. 149: lobito 175. 8: metralla 200. 87: pursang e 350. 150: sherpa t 250. 10: sherpa t 4sp. 89
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Within a few short years Bultaco was building four primary models for off-road racing – the Astro for short flat track, the Matador for enduro, the Sherpa T for observed trials, and the Pursang for motocross.
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