Because the Lee Precision Loadmaster 9mm comes with everything that you need for efficient use, you no longer have to buy more parts. Perhaps, the only thing that you may need to purchase is a stand, although it is not necessary since you can mount this anywhere.
I have a Dillon RL1050 that I've loaded tens of thousands of 9mm on. Detroit Ammo offers a 5.7x28 shell plate for it.... NO THANKS!!! IMHO, the 5.7x28 isn't something to load on a progressive press.
Buy the Lee #19s Load Master Shell Plate For 9MM Luger/40S&W/38 Super 90920 on sale for a great price at our online store! If you have questions about the Lee #19s Load Master Shell Plate For 9MM Luger/40S&W/38 Super 90920 or other we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best for you.
The Lee Load-Master Shell Plate is another exceptional product by a company with years of experience in the industry of reloading. This shell plate is designed for different calibers and designed for use with the Load Master Press.
Shell Plate #1s 38 Spl, 357 Mag., etc. Shell Plate #2L 45 ACP, 30/06, 308, etc. Shell Plate #3L 30/30, 7 x 30 Waters, etc. Shell Plate #4s 223, 222, 380 Auto, etc.
Lm Shell Plate #19S - Lee Precision 90920. Lm Shell Plate #19S - Lee Precision 90920Quick change Shellplates for the Load-Master Press. Specifications:- Press Fits: Lee Load-Master- Fits: 9mm Luger, .357 Sig, and .40 Smith & Wesson- Material: Steel- Extended: No more
Lee loadmaster shell plate n 4S base rotante X bossoli C 223 222. Genere. Shell holder / plate. Marca. LEE. Modello. Shell plate loadaster 4S. Mtm portacolpi 9 MM pz 50 verde pieno. Codice produttore: P-50-9.
The Lee Load-Master 9mm Luger Press Kit includes carbide 3 die set (full length size, powder through expanding and bullet seating dies), turret, shell plate powder measure, case feeder and primer feed.