Sep 26, 2018 · Thanks! Gonna check it out! EDIT: It actually made a difference. But I was still having some stutter spikes. Then I noticed another post about keeping the PC monitor's resolution low, to lessen the stress of outputting the mirrored games, and set back to on the Virtual Desktop's option for lowering monitor's resolution to match the stream.
Aug 18, 2019 · My PC is connected via gigabit Ethernet and I'm streaming to my Oculus Quest at 5 GHz. I have an Nvidia 2080 Ti and an Intel i7 processor. I have tried adjusting settings in the Settings option in Virtual Desktop, but nothing seems to help. I'm wondering if something is going on with the network connection that is causing the stutter.
May 21, 2019 · if it goes from 27ms to 29/30 I can perceive a very minor micro stutter and this was on WIFI5 5Ghz network. This was not possible on Quest1. So Virtual Desktop can in theory achieve the "perfect experience" or is very/very close. Think some with Wifi6 might of already.
so I sideloaded alvr on my oculus quest and im getting stuttering and low fps. is there a fix to this?
Oculus Quest Shuts Down Virtual Desktop Steam VR Causes Divide - Oculus Quest Virtual Desktop is a popular oculus quest ... Today we're streaming Fallout 4 VR to the Oculus Quest using Virtual Desktop. After trying ALVR, VRidge, and VD; I think VD is ...
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Kun nuo Oculus Quest 2 Elite strapit akun kanssa tuntuvat olevat nyt kiven alla saannin suhteen, niin onko kokemusta kuinka toimii erilisellä Power Bankilla ja USB-C kaapelilla? Mietin että hakisin Elite Strapin (ilman akkua), kun sitä nyt saa heti Gigantista ja ostaisinkin esim. 10.000 mAh powerin bankin kaveriksi.
Oculus 眼 The Oculus Quest is a fully stand-alone headset. It’s free of the wires of PC-only headsets. However, if you want to use it on a PC to play Steam VR games, you’ll need special software to do so wirelessly. Oculus Quest是一款完全独立的耳机。 它完全摆脱了PC专用耳机的束缚。