The TheraWand LA-Wand's brilliant curves and dual release-ends make it perfect for massage, trigger point release and pelvic wellness. Clean, Safe and Effective, BPA Free Recognized by the FDA as a therapeutic device for relieving pelvic pain and discomfort. Made in the America.
LA anal wand here. using your vaginal Therawand.pdf 223.49 KB using your anal Therawand.pdf 139.78 KB. Related Products. Therawand V. Pelvic Therapies. $79.00 ...
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I do home therapy with the Therawand every day, or almost every day. I only use it 5 minutes on each side so 10 minutes total once a day only. Because my wand has an S curve, it is quite easy for me to use. I would also recommend a skilled pelvic floor physical therapist. I didn't have to undergo any surgeries I'm not on any medications.
TheraWand V-Pelviwand Pelvic Therapy, Essential 0 Physical Therapists’ have had direct input into the Wand’s design to mimic their hands when releasing hypertonic muscles, scar tissue and adhesions.
Alleeen de naam Therawand is gewijzigd in PelviwandDe Pelviwand is bij Amerikaanse en Engelse therapeuten favoriet bij de behandeling van bekkenbodempijn en slecht functioneren.
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